Test your skills and reflexes as you simultaneously guide two lovable[1] balls through over 100 controller-smashingly[2] tough platform challenges.

Control both balls at exactly the same time as you try to avoid the death and danger that awaits their every move.

Oh, and there are jokes.[3]

[1] May not be lovable

[2] May not even be a word

[3] May not be funny


  • Make your way through over 100 levels of fiendish puzzle solving and death-defying challenges.
  • Glutton for punishment? Replay levels against the clock to get the fastest time you can. Are you quick enough to get S rank on every level? (We’re not.)
  • A funky adaptive music score that ramps up when you do well and chills out if you’re stuck, to help you concentrate. It’s like the game wants you to do well (while it’s throwing spikes at you).
  • Choose your own route to completion through a non-linear map. Stuck on a super-tough stage? No worries! Just go and hone your skills on a different level.
  • Laugh along with up to ten jokes! Look, we’re going to keep saying it's funny. You'll come around eventually. (Don’t worry there is no extra charge if you laugh more than ten times.)


It's all very well me telling you how good the game is, you expect that. But what have other people been saying about it?

So glad you asked...

“Infuriating, but in a good way... Really nicely polished.”

Mike Bithell (Thomas Was Alone, Volume)

“Beautifully tuned: each level is the exact translation of a developer’s manic cackle into game structure.”

Electron Dance

“Seriously, I’ve never wanted to kick a developer in the shins before I played Binaries.”

Words About Games

“Clever design, great music and humor.”

Games Ring

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Like all the best things in life, binaries was brought kicking and screaming in to this world as a result of the hard work of (mainly) two people.

Tony Gowland

After years of being humiliated by his lack of skills at Super Meat Boy and n++, Tony decided the only way he'd be able to beat one of these fast-paced platform games would be if he made it himself, so he'd know the tricks to all of the levels. And so here we are.

(At the time of writing, Tony still cannot beat all of the levels in binaries.)

Will Morton

By day Will makes the pew pews, the booms, and the shouty men for some of the biggest games franchises around, and by night he fights crime.

Sorry, hang on, that's not right - by night he makes funky soundtracks for abstract platform games. Way cooler than crime fighting, and with more high-tech gadgets.

Legal Disclaimer

No controllers were harmed in the making of this game.